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How to Create a Restore Point and Perform a System Restore


Today, we aim to take down two birds with one stone. That is right, in this one article we will cover up two tutorials.

The two things that we are going to guide you through are actually inter-related. In the early part of this tutorial, you will learn how to create a system restore point; as for the latter, we will guide you on how you can use a system restore point.

You can create a system restore point as a kind of a backup as to how your computer or system was at a certain point (when the restore point was actually created). You should especially create a restore point before making changes to your computer, for e.g. if you installed a new software on your computer, and soon after the installation it started causing problems, you can use the restore point you just created to restore the system to its previous form.

Creating a Restore Point

As described before, the first part covers how you can create a restore point. This is a very important and useful tool in Windows.

Simply go to Start Menu, and in the Search box type “Create a restore point” and press enter.

Click on the ‘Create’ button and enter a description for your Restore Point – something that you can easily remember it by. The system might take a few minutes to create a restore point, so do not panic.

Performing a System Restore

As mentioned earlier, you can use this step to return your machine to an old and possibly stable state.

Click on the Start Menu, and browse through to All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.

Click on the Next button to continue. You will be presented with all the restore points that currently exist on your system. One of them being the one which Windows creates automatically for you; and other(s) may also be listed that you may have possibly created any time during the past.

Choose the restore point that you wish to restore to and click ‘Next’; the system will take its time and your system will be finally restored to the requested restore point. And voila – two important tutorials covered in one article. Yes, we are that devoted to guiding you.


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