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Keeping Mozilla Firefox Awake – with a few pinches in the right places


Every now and then, you will notice your browser slowing down right when you are in the middle of that online serendipity moment – this can be quite annoying. Having to wait for the page to load is one thing, but having to wait for the browser to start responding again – come on!

Okay, most of the time (yes, most of the time), the browser may hang for no more than 3 to 5 seconds, but first waiting for the tab or window to become responsive and then waiting for the page to load – every second of added time is a real test of patience, especially when you are in the middle of something important.

No doubt, Mozilla Firefox is a great browser, but even kryptonite can bring Superman to his knees. Well, here are a few places you can pinch Firefox in, to try and keep it awake and responsive.

Step 1

Open up the Mozilla Firefox Downloads History. You can do this by simply pressing “CTRL + J”, or by clicking on Tools > Downloads.

Once the Downloads History pops open before you, you will find a list of items that you have downloaded using Firefox in the past; and who knows, your scroll bar might go way deeper than ours. Clear this list by simply pressing the Clear List button in the bottom left corner.

Once done, close the Downloads History window. Head back and start browsing, you will notice a considerable improvement in the performance of your beloved browser – this is especially true if you have never cleared the download list since the very day that you installed Firefox.

This could also have been done in the next step, but we preferred listing it separately so that you could just punch in those keystrokes and have the Downloads window pop up whenever the browser becomes responsive, plus it would also get rid of your browsing history – which you might want to keep.

Step 2

Clear your recent history, by simply clicking on Tools > Clear Recent History or by pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+DEL”. Choose the desired checkboxes and click on Clear Now

Step 3

Lastly, make sure to disable any Firefox Addons that you do not use that frequently. While you are at it, go ahead and uninstall all the Addons and Plugins that you never use.

Keep your browser as light as possible, and try and keep those tabs to a minimum, it does really help the cause a lot too.


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