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An Ultra Thin MacBook Pro Rumoured to be Coming Out In April?


Apple has been the subject of discussion in a lot of places recently. Well, the reason for it being on every other person’s tongue may vary greatly. Now, the reason may be a lawsuit that Apple may be involved in, or it may even be the release of a one of its cool products.

Apple rumours have been floating around quite a lot. One of the notable ones was that which involves a certain ‘soon to be released’ tablet – yes, we are talking about the iPad3. Well, there has been one such other rumours as well.

For quite some time, rumours have filled the air that (thanks to our very own, Apple) we will see a new MacBook Pro this year. This rumoured MacBook is also rumoured to be a whole lot thinner in design than the current version of the MacBook. In fact, it is also being said that the design of this new MacBook will be much more like the ultra thin MacBook Air.

As reported by Digitimes, this new rumoured MacBook Pro is set to be released in April (let us just hop it is not on the 1st of April). Two products in two consecutive months – now that is sweet, right?

It is said that the new ultra thin MacBook Pro will be launched by Apple in 13 inches and 15 inches. The official glimpse at the new MacBook Pros is still awaited. In fact, the let us hope the surprise given at launch is a surprise in a good way – we would say, something that looks different from the current look, probably something even better than the sleek MacBook Air.




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