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Courageous Women – Najma Story



IRC brought a theatre on a journey through the lives of courageous women. Najma story is a story on the life of many such women, who are determined, devoted and hardworking. Yet, unfortunately enough, they don’t have sufficient backing from their families that would enable them to fulfill their dreams.

Najma belongs to a low class background; her father does drugs, she has a handicapped brother along with two brothers, who are school going. Her mother tries to support her family but she gets no support from her husband. In fact, her husband beats her. Najma tries to keep her family afloat by doing some handicraft, and saving the money to use it for her education. During this process, she has to face tremendous resistance from her family who discourages her, especially her father. However, she doesn’t give up. Her mother is her only support system. Najma works hard and clears matric with first division. She begins seeing the dream of going to college. She speaks of her ambitions with her father who makes a mockery of it and discourages her. Najma’s father is involved n illegal activities and gets caught by the police. Now the two women have to look after the house and take care of all the expenses. The two courageous women don’t give up amid all the problems and stay put. The play then takes us to the scene where the father is released from prison and happy that her daughter has cleared matric, with flying colors. But when she wants to get admission in college, she is told to make arrangements for her admission fee by herself. Yet, Najma doesn’t let herself drown within these disappointments. She decides to fight against all odds.

She manages to get a job in a school but she feels it isn’t giving her enough satisfaction, as she is capable of doing more and achieving more. So with the help of a friend, she gets a job in an office. When her father finds out about her plans,  he beats her and Najma’s mother as well. Until she has to give up all her dreams wishes for her father’s satisfaction. This play was exquisitely performed by giving a  picture of how difficult life is for women, who want nothing but be able to achieve something, that would help them in running their house smoothly. The only motive of these women is to help their families and live a life where they don’t have to depend on others for financial support.




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