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Think Twice Before Selling Your Xbox 360


If you are a gaming maniac, then the chances are high that you are one of those people who thank Microsoft every day (or well, you might have thanked them at least once) for such a wonderful gift to the gaming world. Yes, you guessed it right – we are talking about the gaming console by Microsoft that goes by the name of ‘Xbox 360’.

Oh and yes, we know we are referring to it as a gift to the gaming world – make no mistake; this is a gift for those who can afford to pay gift Microsoft its equivalent worth in money; you know – since, that is the concept of exchanging gifts.

Well, there may be times when you might want to either move on to another console by selling out your current console – come on, not everyone has an unlimited supply of cash. So, like we were saying, there might be a time when you might need to sell out your current console, the most sensible thing to do is remove all traces of data so that none of the information that is linked to you remains on the console anymore.

You might get rid of all the information on your Xbox console, but a recent research shows that with the help of some widely available tools some of your sensitive data or information may be accessible by the person that you may go ahead and sell your console off to. Oh, and by sensitive, we mean like your credit card credentials sensitive.

According to the folks over at Kotaku, experts say that even after restoring your device to the default factory settings some of the information such as your credit card credentials, which should then be supposedly erased completely, can be extracted with the help of some tools that are readily available in the tech world.

The best thing to do in such a case would be follow the same procedure and use proper removal tools that you would use on your PC hard-drive if you were to sell it off to someone else.

According to the folks over at Redmond Pie Microsoft claims that all refurbished Xbox 360s are completely wiped at their end so that no personal information can fall into the wrong hands.

Microsoft (via Joystiq) have responded and said that they will run a “thorough investigation into the researchers’ claims”. Furthermore, they have said that refurbished Xbox 360s go through the process of being completely wiped at their end so that no personal information can fall into the wrong hands.



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