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Saeed Akhter`s Depiction Of ‘Beauty’.


Women have always been the center character in literature, arts and poetry etc., especially in sub-continent.  In our society, the role of females are very vital and the cultural and virtues are not complete without their preference. In the beginning women were depicted as goddess due to influences of Indian Mythology, but during partition women were subjected to the genocide and violence, they were then an icon of tragedy and current scenario of women in arts is an independent figure.

If we talk about women figure in arts, the first thing that comes to my mind is depiction of women in various painting of Famous Pakistani artist Saeed Akhter. His painting has charisma and crystal clear strokes has earned him a title of “Pakistan`s Michelangelo “ by renowned architect Nayyer Ali Dada.

The female figures in Saeed Akhter’s painting shows carefree nature, free soul as she is flying in the air, which is also supported by the body posture. The woman looks as if she doesn’t think about the norms and other people and society thoughts in the paintings.  The painting gives a light weighted impression and the use of bold colors makes the paintings even more appealing to the viewers.  Saeed Akhter’s portal of female figure in his painting provides the best example of an idea of female beauty in Pakistan e.g. long black hair, deep eyes etc.

In each women painting, he has beautifully captured the changing posture and emotions of the characters. All his female paintings has something unique and are different from each other. Each female character looks into the eye of the viewer, as if trying to read your mind.  The beautiful use of Rajisthani jewelry wore by the female characters makes it more appealing and enhances their attractiveness.  The body language of the women shows them confident, determined, sensual and powerful despite their sleek look and male figure in spite of enormous body structure looks dominated by the women.

Saeed Akhter’s depiction of female figure was amazing because he represented a free women keeping asides all the norms which are symbolized by her jewelry, traditional clothes etc.  His paintings are truly masterpieces.




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  1. Yael says:

    07/10/2012 at 5:16 pm

    Loved Saeed Akhter`s art work, mine is of women as well…but from a different angle…

    Dr. Dorit Amikam
    Molecular Oncologist


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