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Female Education

Girls Education Problems


Education is considered the backbone of any society. It is the cheapest defense of a nation. However, the subjugated condition of education in Pakistan speaks volumes of the fact that it hasn’t been able to safeguard its sector. 62 years have gone and 23 policies put into implementation, yet the educational sector begs for a rescue.

Pervez Musharraf’s government was the only government to have invested heavily in the education sector. Due to the economic meltdown in Pakistan, the education sector has been hit the hardest. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan claims that the state of Pakistan shall remove illiteracy and take the responsibility to provide free secondary education within a given time period. According to the Human Development Report, Pakistan is at 136th position for having 49.9% educated populace. The problems of education in Pakistan are firstly the medium of education varies in both public and private sector. This creates disparity in private and public sector, hence, diving the segments.

Secondly, regional disparity is a major cause. The schools in Balochistan are not developed like those in Punjab even though Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by area whereas Punjab being the largest province by population. FATA paints a gloomy picture with literacy rate of males having only 29.5 % and 3% of females.  Thirdly, the lack of technical education creates a biggest flaw in the education policy. Another major problem being the gender discrimination, the ratio of boys to girls in the primary school is 10:4 respectively. Another problem being that the teachers in government schools are not well trained. This problem creates an obstruction that how can a nation be trained when teachers aren’t properly trained. Finally, poverty is the biggest factor that limits parents to send their children to schools which is why they send to madrassahs for free.

Government needs to take concrete steps to solve this issue. Allocation of funds is important and teachers should be trained in order to secure the future of the country.



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