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The New Leap 3D – 200 Times More Accurate than Kinect


The world has moved ways from where it started off; all the technological advancements are but the biggest proof if one takes a moment to ponder over them. Take computers and other mobile devices for instance.

Not just that, interaction with computers and etc. has also changed a lot since long – from the click of a button to mere gesture control system. If you know what we are talking about, the you are no doubt familiar with Microsoft Kinect, and chances are that you are quite the fan too!

Well, if you thought Kinect was cool – then think again because it still is cool! (not many people will get that one, but moving on!). There is no doubt that Microsoft Kinect is cool, and well – it was also the first of its kind when it came to innovation and creativity. If you thought that Microsoft Kinect was cool (De ja vu? Don’t worry, no fooling again, keep reading), what would you say if you were given something that was 200 times more accurate than the Microsoft Kinect motion controller?

Say hello to the Leap 3D gesture control system. This week, Leap Motion has unveiled its new Leap 3D gesture control system which the company claims is 200 times more accurate – Imagine that! The Leap 3D gesture control system enables users to control applications with even the hundredth of a millimeter’s accuracy. Moreover, alongside the accuracy it also features touch-free gestures like pinch-to-zoom, etc.

The gesture control system utilizes a smalll USB input device, in combination with a sophisticated software platform that is able to detect a user’s movement right down to the subtle movements of a finger.

Leap Motion CTO David Holz showed CNET how the Leap 3D gesture control system is adept at a range of functions, like: Navigating an operating system or browsing Web pages with the flick of a finger, Finger-pinching to zoom in on maps, Letting engineers interact with a 3D model of clay, Precision drawing in either two- or three-dimensions, Manipulating complex 3D data visualizations, Playing games, including those that require very “fast-twitch” control, Signing digital documents by writing in air.

Leap 3D creates a “three-dimensional interaction space” which measures around four cubic feet and iit is also more precise and responsive compared to a touchscreen or a mouse. The new Leap 3D gesture control system is expected to launch early in 2013. No information or worldwide availability has been announced as of yet, but the cost of the system appears to be $ 70 from what the rumours say.



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