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My strength my parents


How much it’s difficult to express some relations in words, like our bonding with our parents. You would like to express their relation in a very unique and innovative way, but you still feel that, these words are not enough. These relations are bestowed by creator who is very unique and full of love. Despite, hurting of feeling (offense) he still showers blessing from his side for your success, and for your good health, you never find crease in their face. In their presence; we feel our self very strong and lucky, whether, they are doing something or not it doesn’t matter, but their presence make you feel that, you are a stronger person in the world you are able to face every difficulty, nothing is incredible for you, if their hand is always on your shoulder and their prayers are with you this is like a sword for you.

I am talking about our parents. Keeping in view, the importance of this relation, today the whole world is celebrating mother and father day. Despite all efforts, it’s going to be a very common culture. Children send their parents in old houses, put them in dark rooms and keep them in chains because they are disturbing their personal life and as age passes they need more care because their mental level becomes low. Why is this done with them, why do we forget that they look after us when we are kids???We forget those days when we were not able to walk on our own foots then they taught us how to walk .They sacrifice their own life just for our happiness but we don’t take a second for destroying all that.

Today for me the great purpose of writing this article is, to request all youngsters that respect your parents, realize the actual flavor of this relation you never ever found it from anyone else. Just ask from those who are deprived from this great gift.

Today I just take advantage of this father day I would like to dedicate this piece of writing to my great father .Dad I love you thank you very much for your unconditional love and support, today we all brothers and sisters are in this stage just because of you. You did not get education but you education all your kids .For me you are 100 % better than those who get education but still act like uneducated I feel proud of you and you are my ideal. May Allah almighty give you long long life and always shower your blessing on us.

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