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drug addiction

Drug Addiction


OCF conducted a theatre workshop training on Child Protection under the supervision of IRC. Each group selected a theme for the theatre, which they later performed. The aim of this Theatre workshop was to create awareness about the particular subject and in this case it was ” drug addiction” and to teach same theatre training in their own cities.

Alcohol is the root cause of all social evils and this is primarily the gateway to drug addiction among youth. The increasing trend of drug addiction among Pakistani youth has led to an unprecedented rise. Drug addicts in Pakistan are between the ages of 15 to 25. The signs of a drug addict include loneliness, change in the color of the eyes and skin and aggressive behavior. It is a major responsibility of parents to check the activities of their children. They should engage them in healthy activities like sports and debates. Such activities keep a child off of unhealthy and immoral activities.

According to a source, the number of drug abusers is rising at an alarming seven per cent a year. This is a very serious situation and calls for immediate attention of the government and parents. The government needs to ban such substances that are a cause of this social evil. Further, peer pressure at school, economic frustrations, poverty, societal taboos and a dearth of recreational outlets give way to drug addiction. Further, 90% of drug addicts are males and 10 % comprise of females. Heroin is the most popular drug and is used by 51 per cent addicts whereas hashish is consumed by 29.5 per cent. Among other addiction are charas, opium, alcohol, tranquilizers and cocaine.


It is a sad yet a bitter reality that much of the youth is involved in drug addiction. We need to play an instrumental role in helping the youth stay off of drugs. Also these individuals need care and attention. They shouldn’t be left on their own rather they should be treated in a hospital or taken to a rehabilitation centre.


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