Gojra – 2


This video is about a tragic incident in Gojra, a Tehsil that comes under the locality of district Toba Tek Singh. Three years back, houses of Christian community were burnt in Gojra as a result of which seven people died and several got injured. The government of Punjab promised that those who are involved in this brutal attack shall be punished and the victims shall be compensated well-enough.

Unfortunately, even after the passage of three long years, no one has been punished and those who were arrested as the culprits have been released due to absence of any evidence. This certainly adds to the agony of poor souls who lost their loved ones or their houses in the attack. Religious freedom is the basic right given to all the Muslims and minorities in the doctrine of Pakistan. So, legally, no one is allowed to snatch it from anyone belonging to any religion. It is the responsibility of our government to stop such coward attacks on minorities and their protection should be ensured.

The video shows the plight of victims who are still waiting for the justice from the law-executers. They are scared that such attacks can happen again if the culprits left un-punished as it can encourage others also to take such cruel steps. Despite of its promises, government has failed to help the victims and it has constructed new houses to stop them from raising their voices against government, even those houses have not yet been transferred to any of the victims. The government should realize that this compensation is not enough and in order to stop this brutality, it will have to punish those who are actually involved in it. On the other hand, the religious leaders of the minorities should also help in peace-making and try to fight for their rights in a peaceful manner so that a harmony should be created among all the citizens of Pakistan belonging to different religions.


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