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Ten Beauties of Bakra Mandi Lahore


As the Eid-ul-Azha is approaching, the Bakra Mandis of Lahore are getting more and more crowded. Everyone is trying to find an animal of a good size and health at a reasonable price. The buyers are in search of a good bargain while the sellers want to sell their animals at a best possible price.

In order to facilitate the interested buyers who want to buy the best one amongst all, DCO Lahore has arranged for a bakra competition in Lahore on 22nd and 23rd of October. In this competition, people claiming to have the biggest animal will come up to show the public their beautiful animals.

To find animal of one’s choice at an affordable price has become quite difficult now-a-days as the rates are high and people are not able to pay the prices. Due to inflation and other problems, it has become hard to find some animal whose price comes within the range of an ordinary buyer. One has to spend on clothes and other things required on Eid by the family. So, in order to perform the religious ritual at Eid, one has to give a considerable thought on what to buy for” Qurbani” and how to afford for it.

Pictures of some beautiful and well-kept animals are collected from different websites and attached hereby for the viewers to enjoy. Check out the painted horns, glittery chains around the neck and clean fur of these animals. The hard work done on these animals is depicted in their maintenance. The owners of these animals also show their love towards their animals by calling them with funny, amusing names, like Laal Baadshah, Rustam, and Dulha Sayeen etc. Some also name them after famous celebrities and movie characters like Bunty, Bubbly and some are named after different cars like Toyota and Bentley.

Roam around the bakra mandis yourself. Some animal might be waiting for you!


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  1. maryam rashid says:

    10/12/2013 at 1:05 pm

    I like bakra mandi lhr im from lahor i live in street 2 house 100 patiala house race course road lahore


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