Bushra, acid burn victim.

Kabhi Hum Bhi Khoobsurat Thay


The increasing cases of acid violence in Pakistan depict a grave picture of the violence assault women are subjected to. These women are attacked by acid in an attempt to disfigure or injure them out of envy or revenge. Women are beautiful, innocent and fragile creations of God. But these violent attacks leave scars on their faces that destroy their image forever.

2,274 burnt cases of women have been reported and the reasons for throwing acids have been accounted to undertaking revenge upon refusal of marriage proposals, dowry demands and sexual advances. For a woman looking good is extremely vital. She spends so much time and effort in making herself look attractive and good. Unfortunately, it completely shatters women who have been subjected to this torturous act. It is highly unfair and a deplorable act. No matter how much we condemn it, it will not give back these women their faces. Besides, justice is never quite there.


 Countless cases of acid attacks on women take place every year. The acids thrown on the faces of these women don’t just damage the faces of these women but it is equivalent to damaging an entire society. Miss Musarrat Misbah, the director of Depilex and the Smile foundation is working towards giving appropriate medical attention to the women who have been attacked and burnt by acid and kerosene oil. So far they have had 400 cases brought to them and out of which 98 cases have been operated by the foundation through different surgical procedures. It is a very commendable task undertaken by Musarrat Misbah who is like a ray of hope to many. The operations are not that easy a task. It takes up to 25 to 30 operations on an average. Besides it is a long process where one to two operations will take up in a year and a rehabilitation process to go along with. The cost incurred is exorbitant and Smile foundation has taken up this job. It is extremely disheartening to see the treatment these women endure. Is there anyone who will give them justice? We can only hope and pray.


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  1. Ashim Deb says:

    02/11/2013 at 10:41 am

    Very shame, Respondent should punish maximum as possible


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