Role of Media on Women’s Issues in Pakistan


This mobile video speaks of the Pakistani media and women’s issues. Social institutions have a major role to play to change the mindset of people. The attitude and behavior will change according to the stance held by the media. Media is a means of communication for delivering tools of data through various transmission channels. If we talk about the role of media, it provides human rights education, helps in building the society, gives us awareness of social and economic levels. The role of media, categorically speaking should be to project a positive image of the nation. Media plays a very influential role in molding the mindset of people as it is also makes one of the most important pillars of the state. The image of the nation is also dependent on how the media showcases it.

In recent times, Pakistani media has undergone many changes. It strives to create awareness among masses about women’s rights and speaks largely of feminism. In rural areas, women lacked awareness and education. But due to media, now they are more aware and the gender gap has also reduced. However, people have also given negative opinions of the role of media. Media has a detrimental role to play and doesn’t facilitate women in any way. One of the students were of the opinion that media has projected a negative image of women and brought her weak points to the forefront. The drama industry has a big responsibility to shoulder in this regard.

A librarian of Gender Studies department shared her opinion that media has played an instrumental role in highlighting the issues of women. Once the media covers the issues, then they are brought to the Government’s attention and includes it in its policy making, after which they are implemented. There does remain some loopholes such as the media should give a complete low down on a story and not ignore some important points.


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