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Stephen Elop: A better Facebook for Windows Phone ‘definitely being worked on’


When Windows Phone 7 was launched way back in 2010 the entire concept of the phone, or the theme of the advertisements revolved around how the phone brings the people you care about the most close to you. Microsoft did this by heavily integrating the two most used social networks at the time into its OS; Twitter and Facebook. It was a relatively new concept for its time. Where iOS and Android relied heavily on stand alone apps, Windows Phone tried to ensure everything you need is already built into the OS.

Unfortunately though three years from then it’s pretty evident that the Facebook experience in particular has fallen behind on Windows Phone. Where Twitter has updated its app for the new platform, Facebook doesn’t even an official app. The existing Facebook for Windows Phone app, developed by Microsoft hasn’t really changed in three years. And because it’s not a first party app it misses on a lot of features which are exclusive to the native iOS and Android app. Microsoft has been mute on this matter so I took it upon myself to contact Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia. Mr. Elop is known to be pretty responsive to consumer complaints, and he didn’t disappoint here either.

So what can be made of this? At least the CEO of Nokia realises the importance of a compelling Facebook experience on Lumia based phones. Nokia is currently working with a lot of developers to bring native apps to Window including WhatsApp and Foursquare. Though these apps are definitely important, it cannot be stressed enough on how much more important a proper Facebook app is. A response from Nokia is just as good as a response from Microsoft. Now let’s hope and see that a new updated Facebook for Windows Phone is indeed definitely being worked on. Fingers crossed!


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There are 2 responses to "Stephen Elop: A better Facebook for Windows Phone ‘definitely being worked on’".
  1. anon says:

    03/10/2013 at 9:28 am

    Not sure what you meant by “completely unusable”. The integrated FB chat works fine for me. It’s missing group chat, but I don’t use it much personally. Same for integrated FB (People hub), if you’re just checking your news feed and commenting on posts it works perfectly.

    • Ammar Malik says:

      03/10/2013 at 10:12 am

      Here are the problems with integrated chat
      1 – doesnt sync your message history
      2 – can’t send messages to someone who’s offline and not on ‘mobile’
      3- an offline contact sends you a message, you won’t receive it in the hub
      4- can’t have two way offline conversation
      5 – can’t send/receive pictures
      6 – no ‘seen’ confirmation

      Hope that about sums it up.


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