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Role of media on portrayal of women in Pakistan


This mobile video discusses the role of media on reflecting the image of women in Pakistan. The woman of today is more self-aware and knows her rights. If we compare the women of yesterday with the women of this century, we will find a vast difference. The women of yesteryear were discouraged to step out of the house for work and even pursue higher education. The norm at the time was to marry her off as soon as she reaches her teens.

Times have changed and women feel the need to be emancipated. No more they are restricted to the four walls of the house. Women have become career oriented. It is normal to find a woman working besides looking after the house. Media has played a strong role in molding the minds. When young girls see certain images on the television that leaves a strong impact on their minds. They wish to imitate them and behave like a certain actress in a drama serial.

Keeping the aforementioned point in view, it becomes the duty of media to keep a close check on the content being shown. The need is to show a positive image of women, as that will encourage people to adapt that. Unfortunately enough, the media of today shows indecent scenes and that needs to be curtailed. We have living legends like Haseena Moin in our industry who have always shown women in positive and strong characters. The newcomers should follow in her footsteps.

The dramas are somewhat hell bent upon showing woman as feeble and emotional. Not that these are not her real traits but the stories always revolve around her getting beaten up and making wrong decisions. Hence, suggesting she is incompetent and a fool which is far from being true. The stories should focus on her accomplishments and displaying a warrior like spirit, which many are capable of.


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