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women's rights in Pakistan

Theatre performance on women’s rights


This theatre performance has been presented by the Multan group on rights of women in Pakistan.  Absence of proper implementation of laws and system of governance deprives women of getting justice in Pakistan. Poor people are especially vulnerable as they don’t have means to fight their case and every one turns a deaf ear to their plea.

The play begins with a scene of a bus stop where two women are waiting. A man passing by starts to pass comments at them, which makes the two women agitated and uneasy. They are clearly frustrated and just want to hurriedly catch the bus. Another man enters into the scene; he begins singing a song. This man is an admirer of the woman from the past, although, the woman is about to get married and would like to be left alone. But he leaves no stone unturned in becoming a trouble and creating problems for this woman Raziya.

In the third scene, the woman is getting married and the family is celebrating. Everyone is happy that the girl had good fate, hence, she has got herself a proposal of a man from Dubai. The girl is young and as it is time for her to be married, the family is of the opinion that she should discontinue her education. She should concentrate on her wedding and looking after the family. But the girl is determined that one day she will become a teacher, which is why she hopes to study hard.

A woman comes with her son Afzal, the same man who would not leave Raziya alone, asking for Raziya’s marriage proposal to her son. This irates Raziya as she warns them never to come again. She tells the family how Afzal irritates her everyday at the bus stop.

A fight breaks out between the families, as they felt immensely insulted. Afzal was getting enraged as how Raziya dared to insult his mother. Afzal comes up with an evil scheme against how he will destroy Raziya’s life. Just because Raziya rejected the proposal, she was raped and deprived of her honor. The families went from pillar to post seeking justice but to no avail. However, when an inspector tried to help the family, in reality they were told how asking for justice, will only land the family  in more trouble. Hence, out of fear Raziya gave up her case.



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