Bakra Mandi Of Lahore


Eid ul Azha is just around the corner and people are already worried about finding the right animal that doesn’t empty their pocket for sacrificing. With growing Inflation, it has almost become impossible for many people to afford an animal for Eid and recently not much activity is seen in bakra mandi of lahore. Despite all the inflation, children are the one who are eagerly waiting for this Eid and one could see their eyes filled with joy when they accompany their family to the bakra mandi. Then later carrying their goats or cows to various streets and taking care of them by giving them food plus water on time. The children life for sometime revolve around the animals they purchase for Eid and excitement on their faces makes this event even more special.

Government of Punjab has set six bakar mandi`s in Lahore, which are as follows:
1. Shahpura kanjran Multan road
2. Sagaiya Pull
3. LDA Avenue
4. Quaid-e-Azam Interchange GT road
5. Barki road,Classmaarahi
6. China scheme

The animals will be available here only, which help in resolving the issues of traffic and cleanliness of the city Lahore. People will also be facilitated since they would know the exact bakar mandi`s of Lahore and instead of roaming in the entire city they will go to the direct place. According to Punjab Government anyone selling animals in other areas apart from the one`s mention by them, a strict action will be taken against them. This step will help to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness, we all should support them.
Let us hope that we all celebrate this Eid ul Azha will its true spirit by act upon things which correctly conveys the actual purpose of this event. This time let’s see what sort of impact  inflation has on buying power of people and to extend the prices of animals are kept.




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