HTC One M8 for Windows review round up


HTC One M8 for Windows is the latest phone in the market running Windows Phone 8.1. For the first time people have the choice of choosing the OS of the phone, while keeping the hardware same. The M8 for Windows Phone, on a hardware basis, is completely identical to its Android counterpart. The only difference, as mentioned above, is that ...

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Apple planning to release 12.9-inch iPad early next year


Despite Android gaining more and more momentum every year, the iPad still remains the tablet of choice for the vast majority of the people. With its strong ecosystem and an endless supply of accessories, the tablet from Apple is still holding its own against an army of Android tablets. Ever since the first iPad was released, Apple has stuck to ...

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Lumia 820 joins the Lumia Cyan update race


Lumia 820 is one of the oldest phones running Windows Phone 8. It was released way back in 2012 when Windows Phone 8 was announced. Released alongside the Lumia 920, the Lumia 820 never went onto breaking any sales records. In fact it barely sold any units. However that doesn’t mean people don’t own this phone. Today the Lumia Cyan ...

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LG announces G3 Stylus with 5.5-inch screen


Press Release SEOUL, Aug. 26, 2014 — Following the recently introduced G3 Beat and G Vista, LG Electronics (LG) today announced another new device with DNA borrowed from the acclaimed LG G3. The LG G3 Stylus is a pen-enabled smartphone that offers a large display and many of the premium user experience (UX) features of the G3 all in a fairly-priced ...

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Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact specs and images surface


Sony may not be a big player in the smartphone or tablet market, but it cannot be denied that they make some of the most beautiful looking devices out there. The Xperia lineup of phones and tablets gave gained worldwide recognition for their slim, slender and svelte looking designs. This year has all been about the Xperia phones, but Sony ...

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Amazon acquires Twitch for $970 million


A few months ago it seemed as if Google was in the final stages of acquiring the massively popular game streaming service Twitch. Recently the deal was rumoured to have been finalised for nearly $1B. However today in a bombshell announcement it has been revealed that not Google, but Amazon has acquired Twitch. If there were any doubts about Amazon’s ...

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iPhone 6 images leaked by China Telecom


We are nearing the day that a lot of people in the tech community have been waiting for. The release of the iPhone 6. Every year the anticipation before the official announcement is palpable, and this year has been no different. In fact this year it has been more than last year. The reason being that after a long time ...

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