Baba Bulleh Shah


Abdullah Shah famously known by the name of Baba Bulleh Shah was a Punjabi Muslim Sufi poet. He spent his life pondering over the existence of mankind and spreading love and peace. Baba Bulleh Shah played an integral role in diffusing the tension between Muslims and Sikhs. He maintained that violence was not the answer to violence. To this day, ...

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Bullied Minority On The Move


Pakistan is an assorted society constituting of various ethnic and religious minorities. The carnage of religious minorities in Pakistan has brought the plight of religious minorities to the forefront. This documentary film highlights the hardships faced by the Hindu minority residing in the region of Sindh. Due to the differences, many Hindus have no means of earning. They are living ...

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Kabootar Baazi: Pigeon Racing in Pakistan


Pigeon racing is a sport in which trained pigeons are released into the air. They have to travel back to their homes covering a certain distance. The time it takes to cover the distance is noted and compared with all the other pigeons taking part in the race. The pigeon who returns in the shortest time is declared a winner. ...

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Shahista: A Victim of Attabad Disaster


This video is based on the account of a victim by the name Shahista, who was affected by the landslide which came on 4th January 2010 in Attabad. This incident was of great magnitude and left many people homeless. Shahista narrated the horrible incident as all their possession was swept away with the water. People were compelled to live in ...

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Spreading Smile

Picture 2

We live in a time when there is so much stress, anxiety and distress around us. Everyone wishes to escape this situation and be a happier person. After all, a happy person is one who lives life to the fullest. This video shares the story of one such person who aims to spread smiles everywhere he goes. He is a ...

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The Wandering Artist

Picture 6

Ghulam Mustafa who hails from the region of Sindh, is a singer and performer by profession. He has been affiliated with this profession for the last 25 years. In this video Ghulam Mustafa talks about his passion for singing. Despite having limited resources and absolutely no backing from the Government, Mustafa has stayed put. He continues to pursue his passion ...

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The outbreak of Dengue in Pakistan


 Since 2010, Pakistan has come under the fatal spell of dengue. More than hundreds of people have lost their lives battling against this life threatening disease. Despite preventive measures taken by both government and people, cases of dengue fever have surfaced. This documentary film sheds light on this very critical issue of Dengue and provides the viewers with information on ...

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Documentary Film by Save the Children in GPS Karg Allai


This documentary film is apropos to the 2005 earthquake that occurred in Allai. The disaster caused massive destruction to property and damage to innocent lives. Due to the magnitude of damage, means of transportation and communication were completely cut off. Relief was slow in reaching the victims. Save the Children in collaboration of Interactive Resource Centre played a pivotal role ...

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Karachi: The city of lights

Karachi (15)

  This video by Team Awesome and inspired by Duck Sauce is dedicated to all the Karachiites. In a matter of days, this video became a major hit across Pakistan. The video was the need of the hour as it hoped to put a smile back on the faces of Karachiites. Karachi has gone through tough times but has bravely ...

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Sasta Ramzan Bazaar


The arrival of the month of Ramadan holds great significance for Muslims all around the world. While praying and devoting maximum time in the remembrance of Allah are an integral part of this month, people also indulge in eating and drinking. Hosting iftar parties is a common practice. Every Muslim whether poor or rich wishes to celebrate this month wholly. ...

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