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Sasta Ramzan Bazaar

The arrival of the month of Ramadan holds great significance for Muslims all around the world. While praying and devoting maximum time in the remembrance of Allah are an integral part of this month, people also indulge in eating and drinking. Hosting iftar parties is a common practice. Every Muslim whether poor or rich wishes ... Read More »

July 24, 2014 ·



Community against Open Defecation in Umerkot

Open defecation is a common practice in rural Sindh which is a cause of several diseases. In rural parts men and even women go outside of village to relieve themselves in bushes. This exposes women to sexual harassment as well. Children usually defecate in the premises of their home or in the streets. Hence, this ... Read More »

July 16, 2014 ·



The Kalasha and the Crescent

“The Kalasha and the Crescent” directed by Lara Shazaman, and a production of National Geographic, Pakistan, is the story of the inhabitants of Kalash Valley who celebrate their festivals according to their traditions. The culture and lifestyle of these people is showcased beautifully along with picturesque images. People of Kalash are a tourist attraction and ... Read More »

July 9, 2014 ·


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“Studio Production” By IRC For FCC University Students

Interactive Resource Center conducted a one day training session with students from FCC University, Lahore. This “Studio Production” training session was held on March 28, 2014 at the head office of Interactive Resource Center, Lahore. The participants of the training learnt the use of multiple cameras and other technical aspects of studio production. The students ... Read More »

June 26, 2014 ·



Studio Production with Dr.Shahzad and Niaz Ahmed Bhutto

Interactive Resource Centre conducted a training session on “Studio Production with teachers from Islamia University of Bahawalpur, University of Sindh and Forman Christian College University.Participants were given an orientation on multi-camera techniques. They learnt about studio production and studio lighting. Later, teachers worked in front and behind the camera and produced two shows. For this ... Read More »

June 23, 2014 ·



Sabaq Foundation: Free world class tutoring at your fingertips

Sabaq Foundation is a non profit organisation based in Islamabad. They are providing  free video lectures to students through their website. These video lectures cater to the students of Matric, Fsc, O’level and A’level. Mr Iqbal Mustafa Khan Chairman of Sabaq Foundation told that through this venture, they would like to improve the teaching methodology. ... Read More »

June 17, 2014 ·



Women Crisis Centre

  This documentary film shares information about crisis centre. Women who have been beaten up and made an object of torture come to this place to seek refuge. Initially the victim comes to a lady helper. If the victim needs legal aid then she will refer to other people attached to her. If anyone needs ... Read More »

June 16, 2014 ·



Bali Memorial Trust

Bali Memorial Trust started in 1987. The organisation is running two schools, two hospitals, twenty four dispensaries, two orphanages, two old peoples homes, centre for women in crisis and a helpline for women in which they are carrying the women’s treatments. They are also giving interest free loans to these women.

June 5, 2014 ·



The Shelter: Human impact on the environment

This documentary is a student project made by the students of Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The Shelter is a documentary about the environment and the hazardous effects humans have caused to the environment. Sun is a symbol of life and a source of life in our lives.  Whether it is the blossoming of flowers or ... Read More »

June 4, 2014 ·



Water Profile Multan 2014

This documentary film projects the water problem faced by the residents of Multan.  One of the people residing in the area told that the water plant was made and it was functional for 3 to 4 months, after which it stopped working and nobody questioned about it. They have to drink contaminated water and due ... Read More »

May 30, 2014 ·


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