Arts Summer Camp Bahawalpur

IRC brings you an ‘Arts Summer Camp Bahawalpur’, a camp that aims to encourage & improve artistic expression and creative capacities in the range of arts & media. Participants will complete a series of workshops in their areas of interest i.e. Documentary Filmmaking, Photography, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts.

This camp is open to students from the following institutions only:
a)- Media Students from the Islamiya University of Bahawalpur (IUB)
b)- Punjab College Bahawalpur
c)- NCBA&E Bahawalpur
d)- Government Women University Bahawalpur
e)- University College of Arts & Design Bahawalpur

150 short listed students will be provided a 2 days orientation workshop and after this session they will be divided into 5 groups as per their fields of interest. After a weekly training in their specific majors, participants will be encouraged to develop their projects respectively.  

At the end of this summer camp IRC will organize a three days Festival/Exhibition in Bahawalpur Arts council, where the participant’s work will be showcased among the community members, media person/professors, journalists & so on!

So hurry up & register yourself !!

Camp Duration: July to September 2016
Last Day to register is: 30th June 2016
For more details Contact: 0336 – 6600321

Registration Form

  • Documentary
  • Filmmaking
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts
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